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Cardio Rehabilitation

Box Butte General Hospital's Cardio Rehabilitation staff is dedicated to helping patients who have cardiac diseases to adopt a healthier lifestyle. IM电竞App官网提供医学监督下的锻炼, 个性化风险因素管理, 治疗依从性监测和教育.

The Department is located in the Rehab and Wellness Center, which is on the northeast side of campus. 停车场位于大楼后面.

Our Cardio Rehabilitation program helps individuals recover from a variety of heart events through a medically supervised regime of exercise and education that helps improve overall physical, 心理和社会功能.

如果以下情况适用于你, we would urge you to talk to your medical provider to see if you qualify for Cardio Rehabilitation.

  • 从心脏病发作中恢复过来
  • 从心脏搭桥手术、瓣膜手术或心脏移植手术中恢复
  • 诊断为心绞痛(稳定的心脏疼痛)
  • 冠状动脉成形术后恢复
  • 支架置入后恢复

American Heart Month